Firstly we should point out that we do not support Beta variants of macOS.

We do understand that, like us, you might need to run beta versions of software for testing purposes hence this community post!

At the present time, the 13.1 Beta has introduced a new issue that breaks our software and leaves a device with no protection and no easy workaround. We have a fix, and the team are working on testing and releasing it, but we wanted to let you all know as we can see that some customers are running with 13.1 already.

We do not know when Apple will release macOS13.1 but history shows that it is typically at the beginning of December, we are targeting a release ahead of that but right now we can’t guarantee that Apple won’t release sooner or introduce other issues in later beta versions. 

In this instance, the device will have a red health status reported to the Central Admin and the end user but there are no workarounds to address it at this stage. The issue is observed after rebooting for the 2nd time after upgrading to 13.1.

As we find out more we will update this channel but please do keep an eye on the Ventura KBA as well:  


Apple has now acknowledged the Full Disk Access issue in both Ventura 13.0 and Ventura 13.1 release notes, no timeline on a fix though