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macOS 11.3.1 Big Sur + Sophos Home 10.0.4a1 + Pulse Secure VPN 9.1.11 (8575) + Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.6.6 (1883) = Unusable Connection to Remote PC From Home.

Hi. I am running MacOS 11.3.1 Big Sur with Sophos Home 10.0.4a1. I connect to work via Pulse Secure VPN 9.1.11 (8575) and login to my Window workstation using Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.6.6 (1883). What happen next is a super slow connection to the work PC, so slow that it is totally unusable.

The temp fix is to...

  • logout of Remote Desktop and Pulse Secure
  • Delete Sophos Network Extension from Applications/Sophos
  • Allow the system to reinstall the Sophos Network Extension (which might require a reboot)
  • Block ("Don't Allow") the Sophos Network Extension's request to Add Proxy Configurations

The above will disable any Sophos web protection, but it allows me to connect with my work PC so I can get things done.

I didn't have to go through all of this with MacOS 10 of course. Sophos, Pulse Secure and Remote Desktop all worked as expected. I thought I made a decent purchase at the time... now I'm not so sure.

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?

Anyone come up with a better fix?

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