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suppress shutdown-exe dialog

I am removing SafeGuard and getting an unexpected restart dialog that I am unable to find a way to suppress. This looks like a RunOnce or scheduled task as it just appears to be calling 'shutdown.exe /r /t 120 /c "The uninstallation process of SafeGuard Enterprise..."

We are using a Task sequence to remove the client config them client and we restart. After this restart we receive this dialog and it conflicts with us controlling restarts via task sequence. Causes the TS to die since the system restarts are out of its control. I am unable to do the remaining steps. I receive this if I just run uninstall via ARP.

Where is this so I can suppress it? Is there maybe an MSI switch I can pass to disable it? Was unable to find anything in an install or uninstall log for the client. IF we truly have to restart twice that's fine. I just have to control it via the TS so it doesn't fail out when something else restarts the PC.


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  • We restart in twice in our automated removal too. I’d like to think it is possible though, certainly if you remove the config and then the client manually with then it’s only one reboot! 

    But yes, two restarts for us at present and although we’ve not really rolled out this method yet I don’t think too many will complain! A bit annoyingly but a small price to pay for a slick migration from SafeGuard onto the “new” service. 

  • anyone from Sophos itself have the solution to suppress this? Its the last piece keeping me from moving to the new solution.

  • Its not too bad for sure but there should be a documented way to suppress it so we can fully automate the process and take the users out of it. Even considering all they have to do is log in so this gets triggered.

  • Hi

    AFAIK, a reboot will be required. Please check this similar thread and see if it helps you. 


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  • Hello Shweta,

    Thanks for the link. It does not help me. I am doing the same process they are and restarting. I am running MSIEXEC /qn /norestart /X(guid) for the client config, client, and prestart components. even trying other MSIEXEC switches such as /q /quiet REBOOT=REALLYSUPRESS etc.

    After those three SafeGuard components are removed I restart the PC. After the restart, the system receives the restart notice in my original posting above. In otherwords, yes the system is being restarted after uninstall. The issue is after this step Sophos is wanting to restart the PC for a "final reboot". As stated, I need to suppress this notice. I am ok restarting the PC a second time if required, but it has to be via my task sequence so I can run things post uninstall restart such as user notifications. If the system is restarted outside of the task sequence the task sequence fails out. So how do I suppress this restart notice?