New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023


  • Version update


Overview of Sophos Email Appliance 4.2.2 release:

The rollout of the Sophos Email Appliance version 4.2.2 has started, this marks first phase in our goal of a single anti-spam engine for all Sophos email solutions. Sophos Email Appliance version 4.2.2 incorporates the latest Sophos Anti-Spam engine as well as improvements to Sophos Delay Queue scanning to improve protection against snowshoe spam.

Full release notes available here



  • The release will be staged with the completion of all upgrades expected to take between 2-3 weeks
  • User experience and any custom settings will be unaffected by the change
  • Systems will not require a reboot following the appliance update
  • As well as improvements to Anti-Spam techniques, this release will also include a change to the Email Appliance update process (HTTPS as opposed to HTTP). To ensure the update functionality of the Sophos Email Appliance, please configure your network to allow access on the new ports highlighted below in red:







80, 443

Software downloads



[Required] Outbound from appliance to internet


If you are using a third party web proxy with HTTPS scanning enabled, please exempt the following Sophos URLs from HTTPS scanning. This will prevent any errors when updating the Sophos Email Appliance:

The official Sophos article is available here: