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SLAs and Escalation Tree question

Hello, Sophos community.

I am somewhat disappointed with Sophos Home Premium Support, to be honest. it feels like reported issues are being added to endless list of forgotten items and sent away into black hole abyss. 

I submitted a case on 31st of October, 2022. Today is 5th of December. The latest update in November was " this time we do not have an update."

My question to Sophos Home Premium Team- what is your internal SLA to resolve customer requests? Especially, if a customer asked to escalate the incident? 

If there is no SLA (which is very unusual for a Premium product), is there an escalation tree customers can rely on in case their case goes stale or there is an emergency? 

There are no phone numbers we can use to contact support at the moment either. 

Can you please provide steps to allow customers a way to speed up resolution of incidents? Besides sending numerous emails that is.

Maybe there is a corporate phone number or contact we can use to reach customer support department within Sophos? Can you please share a useful contact? 


Thank you,


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