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Brand new to Sophos Appliances, was given a SG 105 and AP 55 and need help setting them up.

Hi everyone,

So as the title of the post says, I was recently given a Sophos SG 105 firewall and AP55 wireless access point. I'd love to set them up for home use, but I'm very new to all of this and am not really sure where to start. So I'm wondering if anyone is aware of any good guides out there that can take me through all the steps and configuration? It does need to be right from the start though because I honestly am not even sure how to get these two things hooked into my home network. Basically all I have is a modem/router supplied by my ISP and that's it. I have managed to connect the SG105 to my laptop and get Webadmin going on it, but don't really know what all to do with it... 

So any help or advice would be hugely appreciated and thanks for your time!

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