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how to see ideas I created? all I've ever created are gone!

how can I review Ideas I posted in

I can only see if I supported other ideas. Sometimes I want to check if I already posted a specific idea or not.

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  • Hi LHerzog,

    Thanks for tagging me. I had a chance to look into this a bit further and found a "Data Portability Request" will include any ideas sent in previously. You can find the form to send in this request here. This link is taken from our Sophos Group Privacy Notice page. 

    If your ideas are still active and have not been deleted, you will be able to see them from the "Settings" page. If the idea has been deleted or removed, it will not be shown. 

    If you have any new ideas or suggestions you'd like to see implemented into our products, I also recommend reaching out to your Channel Sales Engineer, or Channel Account Manager to help highlight your ideas to our product teams. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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