Sophos Home Premium making macOS Monterey unusable

I installed macOS Monterey, it initially started up without any issues, but after a restart, the OS would hang and take forever to do even one click. I restarted in Safe mode and everything worked fine, so I reinstalled macOS Monterey a second and then a third time because I was still having issues with the startup. After reviewing Console I found that Sophos was the culprit, I used the removal tool and everything worked fine, I attempted to reinstall Sophos but ended up with the same issues as before. So I used the removal tool again and everything has been working great. This is the second macOS upgrade that I have been through while using Sophos and each time there have been serious issues with Sophos after the upgrade, so I am now wondering if it is even worth keeping Sophos.

Does anyone have a solution to get Sophos Home working again?