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Delete app from my laptop

I made the download of the Sophos Endpoint App and this *** block all my laptop and websites, i don´t have a login, and to delete the app ask for a password of protection wich i don´t have. I was going to work from home, where i work they start to use this program, but after this problem i got so angry, i just want to delete the app from my laptop. I can´t disable nothing because this *** app. I never saw a webpage that don´t have a phone or e-mail.

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  • What OS and product are you referring to?

  • Sophos Endpoint Agent i made the download to use with VPN to use with SAP, but after the download this Sopho anti virus block a lot of webpages and other things in my laptop, but to uninstall aks to disable the password of protection. Do to this i need to login, but i don´t have a login. So i can´t uninstall this app. Just pathetic And how this block all your laptop and you can´t disable nothing. I will have to format the laptop to delete this ***. I'm furius.

  • The products for Windows endpoints are:

    - Sophos Central managed here  - This is a cloud based management platform where policies are defined, i.e. what categories of sites can be viewed for example.  This has the potential to block certain web sites and where you can enable/disable tamper protection.  Someone would have had to have configured this and provided you a SophosSetup.exe to install.  It's hard to believe this is the scenario you are in as if you'd had set up a Sophos Central account you would know about it.  So someone could have provided you an installer instructions to install and now they control the policies.  To get the tamper protection password you'd need access to Sophos Central. Did someone give you a link to a SophosSetup.exe installer you ran?

    - Sophos Home -  This is another cloud based management platform aimed and home users or for a family to use.  Again someone with access to  and can login can define who can access what sites, for example.  

    - Sophos on-premise, this is even less likely but possible but again, someone would have had to have setup this all up on your behalf and they control the policies. This is not a cloud based management solution. I really doubt this is the product.

    If you have either Sophos Central or Sophos Home, then you can remove from Programs and Features but if tamper protection is enabled but you have no means to obtain the password, you will need to follow this article:

    Sophos Endpoint Defense: How to recover a tamper protected system

    There is also tool called SophosZap - SophosZap: Frequently Asked Questions - This will remove the software but Tamper Protection will need to be disabled.

    The software is designed not to be easy to bypass and it seems like someone must have asked you to install it if you don't have access to the management software.

    The software is not the problem, the issue is I suspect someone has asked you to install it but not provided you with any guidance.

  • No one ask me to download the app, i take the app from de computer of work with a pen drive to work from home  on weekend with my laptop. But i have no idea that to uninstall it was a big problem. I talk today with TI of work and they don´t know the password. The only way is to format my laptop. Thanks for all information.

  • Do you have the link of Sophos Zap Tool? But i can´t log in the account to disable tamper protection, because i don´t know the password.

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