Assistance to connect sophos RED20 to home router


I wonder if someone can help me connecting sophos RED20 to my home router and monitored by XG Firewall which will be sitting on remote location. I have already added RED20 to XG firewall and provisioned it. But it still shows offline on XG Firewall UTM.  
What I need to do to enable RED 20 ?

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    In your home router and your ISP must open the following two ports for outbound.

    RED uses port 3400 & 3410 to communicate back to your XG Firewall.

    You could test if this ports are open by opening on a computer behind your home router a cmd and entering

    telnet 3400

    If successful you should see the following entry:

    telnet 3400
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.

    Additionally to this, you can do a tcpdump directly in the XG using the Public IP of your home router, you would need to enter in "what is my IP", once you get this information, SSH in to your XG to the Advanced Shell (5>3)  by using Putty and enter the following command:

    # tcpdump -eni any host x.x.x.x 

    Where x.x.x.x is the Public IP from your home router.


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