SUGGESTION (what if): We need a Reseller "Lone Wolf Club"

Hello All, 

I am a "lone wolf", meaning I am a one-person Sophos Reseller/MSP in Vermont.  There are several others here too.  There are also 5-6 Reseller/MSP's with 12-20 people.  In those businesses the Sophos tasks are all dived up.  In the case of us "lone wolves", we must to everything.  It is our choice to be alone, and I am not complaining, however I wish I had a little basic mentoring.  In particular, I wish I had known how to prioritize training or be included in local lunch-and-learn sessions that the bigger guys get.  Said another way, I wish there was a Sophos Lone Wolf Partner club.  

I just want to spend my time more efficiently.  All this being said, I'm loving the whole Sophos thing.  Amazing product line and not hard to work with, but there is such an insanely large amount.  My problem is that sometimes it takes hours and even days to figure out what question to ask.  

That being said, at least I have this community.  Very impressive.

Scott Lowe

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