Sophos Device Control Service - High CPU on Server

In our datacenter, we have a critical file share server that occasionally has performance spikes coming from two Sophos processes during peak business hours. We get alerted by users who reach out to us and report significantly slow performance when trying to access files users need to do their work. Sophos basically brings this server down to a halt, then for whatever reason after an hour or two seems to work itself out.

I have been monitoring the server for a little bit and noticed the Performs virus scanning and disinfection functions remain pretty consistent. This makes sense because users are heavily interacting with the files and folders there all the time. What does not make sense to me is why the Sophos Device Control Service is taking up 21% CPU. This seems to be the culprit for us. As of right now, the CPU for this process is sitting at 0% CPU.

For this server, we have scheduled scanning to kick off Tuesday night, so I know it is not related to that. If that process is tied to Peripheral Control Policy, we have it set to the Base Policy which has monitor everything. Does anyone have any suggestions or ways we can prevent that service from spiking up and causing a bottleneck in our network? It’s frustrating because Sophos suggested to follow this article KB-000036572 which doesn't help me with figuring out why this process randomly spikes.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

  • Hi,

    May we know what other application was running on the server when the issue got reported? what type of file do the users trying to access this server? Was the user who tries to access the file server connected through LAN or via VPN?
    Any actions have been done to the server aside from manually turning off Sophos components?

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  • There is nothing else really on the server other than a backup agent. The server is simply a file storage location for all types of business data. Remote users VPN into the network and can search through the files on their laptop through file explorer. The users do not RDP into the server at all, nor do they have access to do that. We have not taken any actions on the server, nor did we turn anything off manually, as it finally settled down a few hours after the initial alerts.