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Sophos Home vs. Astrill VPN


I need some help please with a stand-alone machine running Windows 10 64-bit, installing Sophos Home on it.  I'm a large business account holder but I've been told there's no support for Home included for our ££££ per year :-) 

they have directed me to Home support but you can only get support if you pay for Premium.  the thing is, I don't know yet if I want Premium version - happy to pay for it but not if I can't solve the problem below....... catch-22!


The problem:

I assume you guys are aware of Astrill Vpn.  Like CyberGhost i think, it's one of many VPNs that can be installed to divert traffic to VPN servers.

I have installed it previously on two other Win10 machines with no issue, but on installing to a new build/different machine, I have a problem.

What happens is that as soon as Astrill is installed, no sites resolve. And I mean that's without Astrill toggled on or off.  As soon as it's installed things go wrong. All sites fail and say 'ERR_CONNECTION_RESET'

I think somehow it's DNS related - I can ping and get a constant good result. Also, google (cached. I assume) works and then the bit I don't really understand is that you can see Google news results (e.g. if I hit 'BBC' into Google, I can see their news boxes on current stories) but if I click through them, again I get 'ERR_CONNECTION_RESET'

The thing is : this all starts to work perfectly if I strip Sophos Home off the laptop. Although it's a new machine, I have scanned it and it scans clear.  I can't see any notifications that it's a PUA and, importantly, no way of allowing it even if it was.

Installing Astrill completely stops web sites from working so I can't even access the Sophos Home console from that machine - but from another machine , I can see the Home dashboard and I can't see any issues reported.

How does Sophos interfere with Astrill and how do I put it right please?  


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