Sophos Community: Partner Highlight - Martin Stein Frederiksen

Our Partner Highlight is our blog series where we get up close and personal with our Top Partners in the Sophos Community. 

Up next is Martin Stein Frederiksen, one of our valuable Sophos Partners. 

Let's Talk Career 

1. Tell us about yourself and your professional background.
My name is Martin Stein Frederiksen. I am 46 years old and live in Nyborg, on the island of Funen, in Denmark. 

I was originally trained as an electrician, but I went on to study as an Electronics Technician. In 2021, the time had come for me to try to stand on my own two feet, so I started IKT-People ApS. 

2. What inspired you to get into IT and security?

Since I was 12 years old and got my first Commodore Amiga 500, I have been fascinated by IT and, later, IT security. Among other things, I think like a hacker to understand how to protect myself and my customers against hackers. Moreover, I have been using Novell, Linux, and Windows since the beginning. 
3. Tell us about your company and your partnership (with Sophos)? 
One day, while I was at home in 2010, I was looking for an open-source firewall. I tested several different ones and came across the free Sophos UTM Home edition. It was a fantastic product, and there were endless possibilities with it. In 2011, the first Sophos UTM was set up at a customer's location, and then things went very well and ended up replacing all the competing products with Sophos at the customer's premises. The next thing that happened was that Sophos Endpoint was rolled out and integrated. Today, we at IKT-People use Sophos as the preferred brand for IT security, both as a firewall/perimeter gateway and Endpoint security. 

4. What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love having a lot of balls in the air and love it when the days are unpredictable. More specifically, troubleshooting is among my favorites. 

5. Have you taken any Sophos Training Courses?
Yes, I have taken many. I am happy with how the training is structured; it’s thoroughly tested and well executed.

On the Sophos Community  

6. What brings you to the community?
I love that there’s a place where you can share your experiences and others can show their knowledge or help others. Even more, the level of IT is technically high, which is commendable.

7. What's a fun fact about you that you want to share to the community?
Due to superstition, I never use IP addresses ending in .13 in my networks.

Who are you outside work? 

8. What's the best lesson you've learned (in career or in life?)
Stop worrying too much.

9. What are your hobbies outside of work?
Spending time with my family, doing house repairs, and geeking out over IT and new technologies.

10. Do you have a personal motto or mantra?
Yesterday is history...
Tomorrow is a mystery... 
But today is a gift... 
So reach out...and grab it! 

11. Three words to describe you.
Sensitive, Inquisitive, caring 

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