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Exploring more ways to contact Sophos Technical Support

Hi All,

We have created a short survey to gather feedback on whether we should offer additional channels for contacting Sophos Technical Support via messaging apps. Currently customers can correspond with Support via phone, web form, email, web portal (SophServ), Live Chat, and Twitter.

It’s a very short survey and we would appreciate hearing from you!

Link to survey This survey is now closed (April 15th 2019).


  • the ways to contact support... what is 'Line'?

  • Hi ,

    Line is a messaging app. It is currently the most popular messaging app in Japan along with a few different countries in south east Asia.

  • Im pretty sure, your biggest problem is not the reachability of your Support.

    Since 3 or 4 Years, the biggest problem of Sophos Support is the Response Time.

    Next big problem is the quality of response that some times is very poor.

    Last issue is communication between 1st/2nd Level support and GES (There are no working ways to escalate for your 1nd-level Engineers if GES is not responding)

    Support from my perspective is the biggest obstacle that prevents sophos growing...

  • The link to the survey is not working right now, "Error 503 Backend unavailable, connection timeout"

  • As a brand new customer, I am already frustrated with support.  I cannot find my ticket history on the support portal and chat was no help, I opened a ticket yesterday and have not received any emails (hence why I need to find my ticket history), and my very first ticket a couple weeks ago, I was told that I needed to talk to customer care instead of support to get correct information on how to set something up, that support is only for broken stuff and I had never heard of customer care prior to that.  A very frustrating start.

  • Hi ,

    Apologies for this, please try the link again.

    Regarding your ticket history and open ticket, I will send you a PM directly to follow up.

  • Thanks, I was able to complete the survey.  On one question, I filled in the text field for "other" as it didn't have just an "other" checkbox, and was told it was a required field so had to check something I didn't want in order to complete the survey.

  • The problem with the support is the escalation process.... Problems that has lasted more than 1 month don't seem to have any actual action plan and seems when we get passed to a new engineer ...we have to start from scratch which is a waste of our time and resources.

  • REDUCE......Not Expand.  Stick to 1, 2 maybe even 3 things, but do them WELL.

    Just my thoughts,


    Twitter is Stupid, and Instagram is for people who don't understand Twitter

  • Hi ,

    Apologies for this negative experience, i've sent you a PM to follow up regarding your support case.

  • Please notify about the results on the XG re-categorization process. Customer has to do re tests

  • Why offer more channels when you can't do the ones you have already? Whenever I try to contact  you by Twitter, I get told you are passing me to the support team - why aren't they answering my call or email in the first place?

    Also, why would a security company want people to post details on social media - surely that's not very secure?

    Your survey is very poor - is it designed by someone trying to get an answer they want? I state in Q2 that I don't want any more channels but am forced to add options in Q3? Sounds like someone is cooking numbers

  • Like others, I would say reduce, not increase, channels.  And improve response time and quality of answers.  It is exasperating to go trial-and-error all the time.  I have a case open now, and every time a tech "pass the puck" to another player, I'm asked the same question, the same tasks, and the new tech seems to have no clue what the previous tech have done before ...