Hi All,

We have created a short survey to gather feedback on whether we should offer additional channels for contacting Sophos Technical Support via messaging apps. Currently customers can correspond with Support via phone, web form, email, web portal (SophServ), Live Chat, and Twitter.

It’s a very short survey and we would appreciate hearing from you!

Link to survey This survey is now closed (April 15th 2019).


  • The problem with the support is the escalation process....

  • I did the survey, but @3 other is not seen as an option. so I took a random app I think (like some others) the current supportways are sufficient enough. Support response times and quality of the support is more important.

    I would vote to keep sophserv in place, since this is the best way to get the ticket created and assigned at the right queue.

    My workflow is:

    1: create ticket in sophserv

    2: in case of urgent matters, call in and press 1 and ticketnumber.

    3: wait, wait and wait till someone finally picks up the phone.

    4: in case of overflow to Philipines, thank the gent/lady for picking up the phone and go to point 2

    5: repeat the process 2 to 5 till issue is fixed

    Now, be honest: Is this how it should be?



  • There's a bug in the survey. Question #3 does not accept an "Other" answer as a valid response - responders need to select something else as a result.  I would not trust the results of this survey if I were you

  • how do I locate CHAT SUPPORT on the Sophos Central Dashboard?

  • We are with Sophos for mote than 10 years the support not helpful at all spicily the ME support region they are wasting my time at the end escalating the issue to a different team  I'm always trying to fix my problem and try to avoid contacting the support