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Sophos XG home license with ZTNA / Intercept X

Is there any possibility, something to consider by Sophos, to have free licenses (1-5) of ZTNA tied to the Sophos XG home edition?

The same could be ask for Sophos intercept X.

A few free licenses of both products would be nice to test and learn in the labs the whole concept of ZTNA with Sophos XG, Heartbeat and synchronised application control.

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  • Hi I0rdraiden,

    Thank you for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    You can check out the following link for free trials.

    Erick Jan
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  • If you have a Sophos Central account, the free Early Access Programs include ZTNA and Windows Endpoint Security / Server Protection. From what I understand, you can use the Early Access Programs as a perpetual "free trial".

  • Hi, Thanks for reaching out. Yes, this is something we are currently working on. Please stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please enrol for the ongoing ZTNA EAP to get access to the ZTNA gateway on the firewall functionality. 

  • As far as I know, and tested, you can not use the early access program of Endpoint/server protection unless you have licenses. Right?

    So if it's going to be the same for ZTNA the SophosXG Home license in central should have aditional licenses asociated to test the full suite.

  • Correct. The current behaviour on Sophos Central is that you would see EAPs listed only if you have at least one full license of any product on Central. From a ZTNA perspective, we are currently working on ensuring anyone with a firewall managed via Sophos Central can test and evaluate ZTNA. Please stay tuned for more updates. 

  • The early access programs are available to everyone, even with a home license. I think you just need a Sophos Central account. I have been using both the Endpoint Security, and Server protection. 

  • You can enroll in the EAP with a home license but when you try to install the agent in a machine you get an error because your account doesn't have any paid license assigned, at least this is my experience.

    What have you done to get a "free" license?

  • I don't understand the issue you are having. I also have the home license for the Sophos XG and have installed the EAP of Endpoint Protection with no issue. You must be having a  different issue. Do you have a Sophos Central account? When you log in to it, you should be able to enroll/join in the EAP program and download the Endpoint protection. The Enpoint software should now be able to be installed and activate with Sophos Central and just work. 

    Maybe you are not following the appropriate steps.

    These are the steps for the NEW Sophoes Central interface, not the Legacy interface.

    1. Log into Sophos Central

    2. Go to the drop-down menu that says "Early Access Programs" that will be your User profile icon.

    2. Join the one that says "New Endpoint Protection features"

    3. Accept the agreement

    4. Click the Devices-->Installers from the drop-down menu

    5. Go to Endpoint Protection-->Download Complete Windows Installer

    6. In stall it. It should contact Sophos Central and activate

    7. Now you might have to go back to Sophos Central-->Endpoint Protection and add your devices to the program in the Manage section.

  • I tried again and it worked this time, so now I have licenses related to the EAP program

    Do you have access to the threat analysys center? or anything similar to an EDR console?

    Introducing the new Threat Analysis Center - Release Notes & News - Sophos Central - Sophos Community

  • Do you have access to the threat analysys center?

    You need an Endpoint license with XDR to have access to the threat analysis center.

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