Sophos ZTNA Gateway updates 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 are maintenance releases that contain fixes for issues and vulnerabilities. This update must be performed in two stages:  Gateways must first be updated to 1.0.2-MR-2494 to fix an issue with updating, and then the update to  1.0.3-MR-2573 can be applied which contains the fixes.

Issues Fixed

Issue Key Summary
NZT-3937 Updating Cipher suites on the ZTNA Gateway

NZT-3832 Fix OpenSSL vulnerability
NZT-3041 Unmounting seed.ISO files after a ZTNA Gateway deployment

How to Update:

Updates are available in Sophos Central:

  1. In your ZTNA gateway list, a green arrow will appear next to the version when an update is available

  2. Clicking the green arrow will allow you to see the list of available updates and either apply it now or schedule it.

Note: In order to add more gateway instances to existing deployments, you should first upgrade the existing gateways to the latest build.