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Firmware & expired certificate 30th May 2020

We're currently running across all web appliances / single management appliance (it's been stable, we've had random issues in the past and do not update unless a specific reason forces us to..).

Today we experienced https scanning issues with some sites. All sites scanned through SSL Labs showed an expired cert 30th May 2020. Relating to this article:-

Has anyone else had https inspection issues today on later firmware versions 4.3.9, or 4.3.10 ??

Does the following bug fix listed in 4.3.9 release notes cover this specific issue?


The trusted CA certificates used for certificate validation have been updated.

Does updating to later versions replace the appliance cert used for https inspection?


Interested in comments from Sophos dev team if they are on this channel.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Duncan

    Thanks for the input. We are indeed excluding sites from https scanning as the workaround and have been doing so since Monday morning when the problem surfaced.

    It seems this one was well and truly on the radar before the expiry date arrived but it managed to slip through the development team net (noted - not just for Sophos) being quite an integral part of the certificate chain validation process.

    Actually disabling https inspection across the board, not sure I would've gone as far as listing that under workaround. That's a pretty drastic approach in the current security climate.

    Not your fault I know. Hopefully they'll come up with another resolution.