Rollout of version 4.3.9 of the Sophos Web Appliance has just begun. This version fixes a few issues and delivers a couple of minor feature enhancements. It also adds support for a new Sandstorm data center, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

For most customers who use Sandstorm for advanced threat protection on the Sophos Web Appliance, the best option is to leave the data center configuration as the default 'Let Sophos decide'. However, for those who are sensitive about the precise geographical location or jurisdiction where their downloads may be submitted for detonation have always had the option to select a specific data center.

For some European customers, the new Germany-based data center option may be preferable over the current London-based location. It can be set on the Global Policy > Sandstorm page under the Configuration menu.

Other features added in this version include a checkbox to enable adding of an 'X-Forwarded-for' header to outbound HTTP web requests. This header will contain the IP address of the client device making the request and can be used by upstream devices for accounting or load balancing purposes. Note that without an upstream device to strip off the header, enabling this option may reveal information about the internal workings of your network to the websites accessed by users. This option can be enabled on the Network > Hostname page under the Configuration menu.

A complete list of what's in this update can be found in the release notes.