Note: Initially published August 13, 2020. Updated on January 8th, 2021

To improve the resiliency of the services that support Sophos Web and Email appliances, we are making some network infrastructure changes at our data centers. This requires IP address changes for services used by appliances. These changes are planned for January 23rd, 2021 starting at 1100 EST / 1600 UTC

For most customers this should not be an issue. But if your appliances are deployed behind firewalls that limit outbound connections based on IP address, you may need to update your firewall rules.

Sophos has always recommended that if you do limit outbound connectivity for your appliances, you use DNS-based rules that are capable of adapting to changes in IP address. However, we are aware that some customers are unable to do this and have IP address-based rules in place.

Full details of the change are available in this Knowledge Base article: ACTS & SSH external IP address

Similar IP changes are also being made to the following products: