Sophos UTM Retirement / EOL announced

Finally, Sophos announced the EOL of UTM. Interestingly, the EOL does not apply to Sophos UTM AWS....

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  • I'm a Sophos partner in Austria and also got this mail. They also mentioned in this mail that about 600.000 installations were done.

    The important dates in my opinion are:

    • 30 June 2023 "Sale while stocks last or until further notice".
    • 30 June 2024 "Final Order Date for 2-Year Renewal Subscriptions and Accessories". So keep an eye on the calendar if you still need devices.
    • 30 June 2026 End-of-Life "End of support, subscription periods may not exceed this date"

    After more then 20 years, RIP Astaro Sophos UTM!

    bye Josef

    BERGMANN engineering & consulting GmbH, Wien/Austria

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