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UTM WAF fail PCI check DH-2048

Hi all,

During PCI check, when going through WAF, we are getting that it fails Diffie-Hellmann 2048 check.

DNAT to the server, makes all "green"

Have told WAF to run TLS 1.2, but nothing helps, any suggestions? :-)

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  • Still waiting for GES team :-) Will report back :-)


    Best regards Martin ;-)

    Sophos UTM Certified Engineer v9.7
    Sophos  XG  Certified Architect v18.0
    Homelab: 2 x SG210 XG v18 (HA A/P) - 3xAPX530 - 1 x SG210 v9.7 - 1 x UTM 220 v9.7 - 1 x SG135 v9.7 (All Fullguard Plus licenses)

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