Any official statement on why the webfilter has suddenly stopped working? UTM 9.713-19

I mean other people are having the same problem, so I don't see why this is not an acknowledged issue yet.

severity="info" sys="SecureWeb" sub="http" name="http access" action="pass"

It is really frustrating when Sophos keeps releasing firmware with problems and then has to release firmware to fix the bad firmware. At least acknowledge there's a problem.

I really hate having to provide a REASON why a post is edited.
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  • Hi Alan, "untested" releases seem to be normal, and I have seen a few issue releases over the last 10 years. I guess this is also why the Home UTM is available, as we are the 'testers'... and I have no issues with this, given we have use of a great industry standard product at no cost, and has been around for a while... so much gratitude for a few "issues".

    I do think a lot of the bugs introduced are a result of patching versions after version that have been up and running for ages, testing environments cant possible manage the permutations out there.

    I normally wait a few weeks and check the forum for issues before updating my UTM ... I also backup the system before doing the update and have an image disk ready for a reinstall

    If I was in a production system I would certainly do the same and test in an environment where meltdowns could happen without issues to the business.



  • thankyou. Part of the problem was my fault... that I must have checked the "log accessed pages" in the web filtering profiles options and did not remember that it was there since the option is in a strange place. 

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