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UTM on AWS from CloudFormation Template


I'm trying to get Sophos to work in the AWS cloud.

I'm having issues when deploying from the HA CloudFormation template is only giving me an Interface Eth0.

I was expecting two interfaces Eth0 (internal) & Eth1 (WAN).

My goal is to be able to NAT the workspaces for internet access.

I'm completely lost...

Any help or documentation references would be appreciated.


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  • Google on HA CloudFormation and limit the time to the last year.  Are any of those helpful?

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Bob,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes I have looked at them.

    The biggest stumbling block I'm having is the single interface representing the LAN & WAN, and getting the routing worked out with a transit gateway.

    I've got AWS Sophos to work in a single VPC with a WAN & LAN, but we're wanting a HA failover implementation and that template creates only one interface.

    I'm just not finding any documentation beyond initial definition/startup that covers how to implement.


    Any ideas/references would be appreciated.