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SUM alternative?

As Sophos has announced EOL for Sophos UTM Manager (SG-Serie), is there any alternative to manage SG-Series-Firewalls?

For XG there is the Central Firewall Manager, but as far as i know that does not work for SG-Series, right?



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  • Only way is to start planning a resetup from my current view. the UTM Firewall can be migrated by a config tool by the Sophos Partner. But i don´t know anything to migrate UTM Manager to Central  Cloud

    Have a look here - Info Pool to this topic:

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  • Why not run SUM in a VM or similar alternative if your hardware isn't functioning?  You can still download the ISO for it and get a license, and use it. You are only losing support for SUM itself, but you can still run the software.

    It's obvious we are being slowly pushed in the direction of XG, will have to bite the bullet and eventually go to it, but SUM usage has been declining from my understanding, and not being used.  I don't use it any longer and just manage the UTM directly.

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