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Port forwarding with Fritzbox as router

Hello all, i am trying to forward a port (80) from internet to my IP cam. 

Here is my network scenario





I did forward port 80 in Fritzbox, that seems to work. I forward 4444 to Sophos for testing and it worked. I could open Sophos Webgui on public ip.

Port Forwarding on FritzBox:


Here is my Firewall Rules on Sophos:



Actual tried with network Any instead of WAN but didn't work either.

Here my dnat rule


So what I have tried.

I tired to call my Ip address with port 80 and firewall log says:

19:23:49 Default DROP TCP  
91.67.X.X : 53292 : 80
[SYN] len=60 ttl=62 tos=0x00 srcmac=cc:ce:1e:b8:0b:6b dstmac=00:1f:29:03:5a:6c


Then I connected a device to Fritzbox and tried to open and firewall says: : 51124 : 80
[SYN] len=60 ttl=64 tos=0x00 srcmac=fc:65:de:ad:aa:5e dstmac=00:1f:29:03:5a:6c


I tried so many settings like setting up snat or network masqerade. I did try even firewall rule any network using any port to any networks but that didn't work as well.

It drives me nuts.  Let me know if I missed information to share.

I do appreciate every help

thank you in advance



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  • Hi, 

    as mentioned before. 

    Your DNAT Rule is not correct.

    Simply replace Going to with your External WAN Address object. 


  • Hallo Simon and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Toni gave you the answer, but there are several things you should know...

    Alone among the logs, the Firewall Live Log presents abbreviated information in a format easier to read quickly.  Usually, you can't troubleshoot without looking at the corresponding line from the full Firewall log file.  In the future, you will want to post the corresponding line(s) from the full Firewall log file.

    See #1 in Rulz for troubleshooting advice.  See #2 to understand the sequence of things an arriving packet passes through.  See #3 through #5 for rules about routing and NAT rules.  You will see mention of what Toni suggested.

    Cheers - Bob

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