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Is it possible to change the credentials provided to us when we have purchased our licence for Sophos Endpoint Advanced

Hello everyone,

 I have a serious concern about this, when we purchased our licence for Sophos Endpoint Advanced that we manage from the Sophos Enterprise Console we received a documents that contains these informations :

Licence Number, Product, User Name, Password.

we suspect that someone got access to these information by accident and we're afraid that this person uses our licences somewhere else.

can this Username and Password be used twice ?

can we change these credentials ? If yes where ?

when we renew our licence does Sophos provide us with new credentials or they keep the same and just extend this licencing period ?


Thank you in advance.

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  • This is kinda the wrong sub thread. 

    As far as i know, you should get intouch with your sophos sales rep to place your concerns about this rather then posting this here. 


  • Hi,

    The credentials can be used in multiple locations without issue.

    You can't change the credentials yourself but you could request a new set I suppose. 

    These credentials are used in the configuration of Update Manager to pull files from Sophos's CDN and create distribution points, so that is a single location to change in SEC or at least update the config of each Update Manager using Sophos.

    However, to get computers to update from Sophos, as say a secondary location when they are offsite and if you haven't created a public update source, then I assume you have these used in the client's update policy as a secondary location?

    As a result, if you do get a new set of credentials, you would have to update the updating policies that reference them and wait for all clients to pick up the new updating policy which could take a little while for all computers to be managed by RMS and pickup the new policy.



  • Hello snail,

    I think it would be best to contact


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