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Forward subdomain

I have domain xxx.xx. One apache server for host xxx.xx and (; one domain controller with name (

I used DNS Request Routing to forward to it runing ok; but when i set DNS host name for xxx.xx i can't resolve my

please helpme!

Sorry for my english if you don't understand.

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  • I am not familiar with bind on Linux, but the DNS implementation on UTM is not a full blown DNS server, therefore I guess it might not support zone delegation. What you have configured is just a DNS request routing which says that all requests for that DNS name should be forwarded to the specified DNS server.

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  • Chào Tran and welcome to the UTM Community!

    You should consult DNS best practice.  If you still need help after the great suggestions above, please insert a diagram showing the hosts/devices related to this question.  Even a photo of a hand-drawn diagram is good.

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