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Sophos XG appliance orderly shutdown when uninterrupted power supply (UPS) on battery

I searched online but did not find any definitive information. Is it possible to shutdown the device gracefully when UPS is in battery mode? Is this possible? I saw some comments on connecting using USB interface but nothing that will help us setup OR provide instructions on how to setup and test.

Any help would be appreciated

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  • Yes please. The client is experiencing more than usual power outages in that area and I was thinking to XG on UPS to protect it from abrupt shutdowns.

  • Hey Hozi - your fist post - welcome to the XG Community!

    I have long experience with the SG/UTM, but not much with XG.  Based on my knowledge of both, I doubt that anything is gained by orderly shutdown of a Sophos firewall.

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hello Bob, yeah you are right. We use Sophos for our FW needs but we are no expert. Just wanted to double check before I throw in the towel. Thank you for your response.

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