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How to block pages with multiple specific words in name

My students are getting more than a little distracted with the cookie clicker web game. It is one of those flash based type games. Every time I block a domain that hosts an instance of the game, they find another one to play.

Is there a way I can block pages with wildcards? I would really like to block all pages that contain 'cookie' AND 'clicker', something like this:   *cookie*clicker*.*


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  • I would think a regex filter in the web filter should work.

    Maybe try one of the online regex generators to create it? I would think you want the url blocked if it contains any variation (upper/small) of *cookie*clicker*, whether in domain or path.

  • Maybe something like:

    /([cookie-clicker]) \w+ /g

    Then add some of the same, replacing 'cookie-clicker' with your others, such as just 'cookie' and 'clicker'.

    Whole word only could go:


    And of course, edit to include other strings as you need.

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  • I've replied twice to this. Each time it says my message needs to be vetted by a moderator. No moderator has blessed it yet I guess.

    Short version is that I can't get your suggestions to work and that the sophos UTM seems to have it's own unique semantics.

    I can, in a an online regular expression tool, make an expression that does exactly what I want, but that expression doesn't do what I want in the UTM. Any other ideas? Or a proven example I can work from?

    I'd be more specific, but I keep getting nailed for spam. Hopefully this message doesn't.