The v11.04 release of the Sophos IPsec client includes the following new features and replaces version 10.32:

New in version 11.04

New driver signature required for Windows 10 Anniversary Update (for new client installations only)

New in version 11.02

Windows 10 32/64 bit support

New in version 11.00

Starting with version 11.00, the IPsec Client is provided in the Microsoft MSI format (32- and 64 Bit versions).
A direct upgrade from a previous version from the client console is not possible. Earlier versions first need to be uninstalled (it is recommended to store your configuration file and certificates separately) and then a new installation can be carried out on the device using the respective MSI packet. Afterwards new versions can be installed using the MSI update functionality.
To use the MSI installer in automatic software distribution, you must first extract it from the .EXE file.

New Connection Modes

The default settings for the VPN connection have been extended to include two further modes:

  • always: (the client automatically attempts to make a connection upon system startup. If no connection is made a new attempt will be made every 10 seconds.)
  • variable (“Connect” starts “always” mode)

The previous variable mode has been renamed to: variable (“Connect” starts “automatic” mode)

Extended Log Settings

In the extended log settings the retention period and the output of the command line tool RWSCMD can be configured.

Addition to Support-Assistant

A Microsoft Driver setup log has been added to the Support-Assistant.


Sophos IPsec Client 11.04 is available for download at