Today we've released UTM 9.601. The release will be rolled out in phases.

In phase 1 you can download the update package from our FTP server, in phase 2 we will spread it via our Up2Date servers.

Up2Date Information


WAF: TLS session tickets facilitate clients to speed up repeated TLS handshakes by re-using certain cipher parameters. This re-use of cipher parameters can cause encrypted connections to be less secure by impacting their perfect forward secrecy. To improve the overall security of the product, TLS session tickets are no longer enabled by the WAF.


  • Maintenance Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-10492 [AWS] UTM on AWS Auto-scaling: Sync log setting to worker nodes
  • NUTM-9746 [AWS] Standby UTM on AWS sending un-encrypted daily backups
  • NUTM-9846 [AWS] IAM policy missing permission which causes conversion to fail
  • NUTM-9675 [Access & Identity] Bypass Users doesn't work for AD backend group with users
  • NUTM-9838 [Access & Identity] SSL VPN connection through Webproxy not possible
  • NUTM-10018 [Basesystem] MiddleWare starting up time takes long when having lots of multipath routes
  • NUTM-10164 [Basesystem] Delay in accessing internal services after users connect to the remote access SSL VPN
  • NUTM-10183 [Basesystem] Patch OpenSSL (CVE-2018-0732)
  • NUTM-10280 [Basesystem] cURL: NTLM Authentication Code Buffer Overrun Vulnerability (CVE-2018-14618)
  • NUTM-10306 [Basesystem] syslog-ng requiring huge amounts of memory over time
  • NUTM-9660 [Basesystem] DHCP vulnerability (CVE-2018-5732 and CVE-2018-5733)
  • NUTM-9976 [Basesystem] SG115 rev3 HA eth3 interface flapping
  • NUTM-9648 [Documentation] Static route not applying when configuring Bind tunnel to local interface on IPsec connection
  • NUTM-9712 [Documentation] ATP exception doesn't work as expected
  • NUTM-9872 [Documentation] Incorrect documentation for ReportAuditor rights
  • NUTM-10078 [Email] Help text in quarantine mail truncated in Outlook
  • NUTM-10112 [Email] User portal users still able to put senders on Whitelist even if Whitelist is disabled
  • NUTM-10186 [Email] S/MIME signed mails have an invalid signature if 3rd party CA is used
  • NUTM-10266 [Email] Wrong URL for Antispam IP reputation-check
  • NUTM-10346 [Email] High CPU usage from smtp due to deadlock/timeout
  • NUTM-10400 [Email] Coredump of SMTPD.BIN
  • NUTM-10440 [Email] SPX encryption doesn't work in case the sender address contains a "/"
  • NUTM-9787 [Email] SMTPD core dumps with signal SIGABRT
  • NUTM-10250 [Network] DNS Group Objects filling up with old IP addresses
  • NUTM-10592 [Network] PPPoE connection fails after HA upgraded to 9.6
  • NUTM-10168 [RED] REDs are displayed as "offline" even though the tunnel is working
  • NUTM-10470 [RED] No traffic goes through RED Tunnel when compression is enabled
  • NUTM-10325 [WAF] 500 Internal Server Error if max scan size limit is disabled
  • NUTM-10419 [WAF] "Web Application Protection Auditor" permission is not sufficient to load Advanced Certificates tab
  • NUTM-10133 [WebAdmin] Ping over interface does not work on VDSL PPPoE interface
  • NUTM-10273 [WebAdmin] Webadmin session will be interrupted with pop-up "Backend connection failed"
  • NUTM-9569 [WebAdmin] If an interface is deleted which is used in a policy route, it can cause a network outage
  • NUTM-10244 [Web] AFC skip user/group specific rule if the user surfs through the HTTP Proxy although the ipset exist
  • NUTM-10285 [Web] urid service restarting intermittently
  • NUTM-10390 [Web] Huge HTTP logs because of "epoll_read_until: Transport endpoint is not connected"
  • NUTM-10409 [Web] HTTP Proxy segfaults, coredumps
  • NUTM-10500 [Web] HTTP "epoll_read_until: Transport endpoint is not connected" logs still growing after patch
  • NUTM-4256 [Web] Sandboxd selfmon check sends wrong notification
  • NUTM-9968 [Web] AD SSO Transparent Proxy redirects websites to User Portal