We’re excited to announce the release of UTM 9.408 on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This release has bug fixes as part of the regular UTM release, but we’ve also developed a couple of new features including a RESTful API and support for AWS GovCloud.

RESTful API for Sophos UTM

Sophos UTM now allows you to automate tasks by calling a RESTful API, which can then take actions on your part. For example, you can create a script that automatically updates rules to block IP addresses or add a new rule to start a packet filter under certain conditions. Our RESTful API supports the majority of UTM functions and provides an interactive UI built on Swagger to help you determine the right API calls for your use case. For more information, check out our API Quick Start Guide available in your UTM WebAdmin console by browsing to the following URL: https://ip_address_of_UTM:4444/api/

Support for AWS GovCloud

Sophos UTM (Stand Alone and Auto Scaling) can now be deployed via CloudFormation templates for the AWS GovCloud. The templates ensure that customers remain compliant by deploying Sophos UTM on GovCloud from the GovCloud S3 buckets. For more information on deploying Sophos UTM on AWS GovCloud please refer to our knowledgebase article How to Deploy Sophos UTM 9 in AWS GovCloud.

Bug fixes

Includes all fixes up to UTM maintenance release 9.408