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Slow speed on APX320 - MU-MIMO

I have just purchased 4x APX320s and they are all connected to my Sophos Central Account.

I have installed the first one, and noticed that the throughput seemed slow but very reliable and stable at ~270Mbps, the LAN is all 1Gbps and the WAN is 900Mbps 

I then changed the 5Ghz channel from 40 to 80Mhz and the throughput has increased to 600Mbps (similar to what was there before on 40Mhz Channel).

Turning MU-MIMO on or off on the APX320 in Sophos Central does not seem to have any effect on the throughput (even rebooting the AP as well), whereas I would expect the throughput to at least increase slightly.

The speed tests are being run on the same iphone 15 with 2x2 MIMO support on both the old AP before it was replaced with the APX320 and now the APX320.

Any ideas what is going on? 



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  • Hello Vivek, 

    I have already read through this KBA prior to this post, and it effectively only says that the APX320 has 2 spatial streams, and how to turn MU-MIMO on/off which I had already established.

    What it doesn't answer is my original question, when there are two spatial streams available on the AP, and 2 spatial streams available on the phone, why does the performance stay equivalent to a single steam?  (and the phone does support and utilise two spatial streams on other APs)



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