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Sophos Wireless - Captive Portal - Not Working


I am having some issues getting captive portal working on a Sophos APX 120 within Sophos Central.  My requirements are as follows:

  • Separate Guest SSID
  • Client Isolation
  • Traffic to be directed to bridged to a specific guest VLAN

I cannot for the life of me get Captive Portal working in the above scenario.  I can get it working if I don't use the VLAN option, i.e. drop the traffic onto the native VLAN on the switch port however this is not an option for me as we want guest traffic on its own isolated network.  Equally if I use NAT rather than Bridge Captive portal works but this is then all traffic will then masquerade as the access point on our XGS firewall which we also don't want.

We wish to use Captive Portal so we can display terms and conditions to guest users.

Am I missing something?

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