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AP6 problem with VLANs and other configuration issues


We sold AP6 (420E) devices to our customer. But they seem to work completely differet from APX devices.

Network basics:

Management from Sophos Central.

AP's are going to be in management VLAN (70) and NOT accessible from Office network. 

I am able to configure AP's to management network and configure first SSID with RADIUS (VLAN 98).

But this is where things go south.

Radius server then starts to log errors "A RADIUS message was received from the invalid RADIUS client IP address". 

This IP is from so called Office network (VLAN 98), where this accesspoint should not be visible. I can ping it, I can connect local management etc. 

And this AP can be also accessed from management VLAN also.

I need to add varius other SSID's to AP with their own VLANS. But first this need to be sorted?

What the hell is is wrong with these AP6 devices? Are these ready for business use? With APX we had no no issus like these.

I can do normal VLAN/RADIUS setup with 30€ Accespoints in 5min with TP-ling devices but AP6 can't handle VLANs like it should.

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