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High Packet retries on Sophos Central - Wireless


We have been having issues with our Sophos AP environment with daily High Packet Retires on Access Points across our network.

Here is an example of one on an AP broadcasting out Business Wifi which only our laptops connect to.

Jun 26, 2023 1:41:46 PM Access Point "Zone A Lower Print" has high data packet retries (26%) on "5 GHz" Band, Channel "36"

This issue also happens on our other AP's that broadcast Open Guest WiFi.

Jun 26, 2023 1:54:54 PM

Access Point "Zone A Middle" has high data packet retries (49%) on "2.4 GHz" Band, Channel "6"

The Packet Loss % varies from 20% to as high as 81%

Our Floor has a Mix of APX 320's and APX 740's. The issue happened when we just had the APX 320's and also wehen we turned them off and had only the 740's active.

At the moment I am checking our XG firewall diagnostic logs to see if theres a glaring issues but as of yet I havent seen one.

Would appreciate any feedback.

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