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Central Wireless: need multiple SSID with same name

Since my first experience with Central Wireless some years ago, there is one essential thing missing there, that keeps us from moving all our wireless stuff from the local Sophos firewall to Sophos Central:

it is not possible to have multiple SSID with the same name

That is possible for ages on the XG/XGS firewalls, that's why we have the APs managed by Firewall.

Why would we need that feature?

Mostly because we have some locations (buildings, sites) where we want roaming users to connect to their "home WiFi" but place them there in a different VLAN. Either by RADIUS or simply by bridging it into that VLAN. We could build rules in our RADIUS based on the connected actual Accesspoints, but that overhead of administration is causing trouble when access points are replaced and the need to have a RADIUS at all to get this done may deter some smaller companies.

So, are there plans to have that implemented in the future?

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