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custom wifi hotspot voucher template in sophos cental possible?

Hello all,

A customer needs outdoor access points (APX 320 X).
Among other things, a hotspot with vouchers is needed.
Until now (without the outdoor APs) the vouchers were managed with a customer specific template in the firewall. However, this is not possible with the outdoor APs, as they have to be managed via the cloud.
Now I've been searching for some time in Sophos Central (and the associated documentation) for the possibility of adapting the voucher template to the previous layout.
But I can't find anything.

Is this possible at all, and where can I find it?

Many thanks and best regards

some brain bugfixes....
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  • Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem completely.
    The adjustments for the vouchers (time, validity, number of devices, etc.) is clear, even if not very nicely solved visually, but it works.
    Also the landing page is not the problem.
    I was looking for a way to change the template (format, layout, font size, logo, language, text,, etc.) of the voucher, as we are used to from UTM.
    The standard vouchers are already a challenge for people wearing glasses ;-)
    However, I can't find a menu item in Sophos Central that would allow customizing the voucher templates.
    Is this feature missing in Sophos Central, or am I just overlooking it?

    Thanks for your patience and best regards