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Bricked APX 320?


I recently purchased two pre-owned 320 APX APs for my home.  Both APs boot into solid green, fast flash red, change to solid green, and then flash fast red again.  They never become visible in UTM 9 and appear to be bricked.  I've left them connected for hours, and this cycle never ends.  Resetting has no affect, nor does rebooting during the solid green phase (I didn't boot in flashing red, as supposedly that's a firmware upgrade in progress).

Two questions, if anyone knows:

1) Is this what happens when they're bricked?

2) Where can I download the APX 320 firmware?  I'd like to give the flashing tool a go.

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance!


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  • You can get the firmware from here. APX Firmware GPL source:

    get the feeling whoever sold these APX 320 to you knew they were bricked if they are.  

    1. Make sure the power supply is actually the right one, the right voltage, amps and polarity. You'd be surprised how devices won't work right if the power adapter is no good.

    2. Try a different ethernet cable on a different port on the switch.

    3. Even though the APX is not visible in the UTM as a pending access point, is there any wireless protection log giving you anything at all?

  • 1) I did!  2) I did!  3) Nothing - no logs.  Doesn't even look like it's trying to grab an IP.

    I'd really like to avoid spinning up a VM and compiling that 1GB tar if at all possible.  Of note, i found that the drivers are actually stored in the firewall itself in /etc.  I downloaded the APX.uimage file and attempted to flash the APs.  One AP actually was actually recognized, but the installer would not complete.  The other couldn't even detect the device type.

    We'll see what I can get from the console cable when it arrives, but I'm not bullish.  I contacted the eBayer who sold them to me, and he said he'd accept a return.  So, I'm not hosed.

    Thanks again!

  • Keep us updated. I'm curious to see what happens with that.

  • No problem - maybe if I figure it out, someone else might benefit.