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Bricked APX 320?


I recently purchased two pre-owned 320 APX APs for my home.  Both APs boot into solid green, fast flash red, change to solid green, and then flash fast red again.  They never become visible in UTM 9 and appear to be bricked.  I've left them connected for hours, and this cycle never ends.  Resetting has no affect, nor does rebooting during the solid green phase (I didn't boot in flashing red, as supposedly that's a firmware upgrade in progress).

Two questions, if anyone knows:

1) Is this what happens when they're bricked?

2) Where can I download the APX 320 firmware?  I'd like to give the flashing tool a go.

Thanks in advance for anyone's assistance!


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  • That's not the behavior I get.  If I pull the power and push it back in, I get a brief amber, then green.  If I hold the reset button while still green, I get a slow blinking red for about 10 secs, and then a fast blinking red.  I never get a solid red.

    Both of the (new to me) devices behave the same.  

    IMHO, the reset doesn't reset.

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