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Bringing an APX 120 to life and am an absolute beginner in the technical side of connectivty field. I own an XGS 107 firewall.

The following questions arise when bringing the APX to life.

Does the Device need a Heartbeat licence when installing via Sophos Central?

Does it need any other licence other than the heartbeat I mentioned other than those included in the default licence pack when purchased initially (WiFi licences or other)?

I'll get to SSIDs and other specifics once I've succeeded in activating the APX 120.

But does APX 120 need to go through the XGS 107 firewall or my network provider? In my idea, it seems logical seeing the APX needs the same network name to reach the Sophos Central address and go through my network provider's box to provide bandwidth. yep, I'm an absolute beginner.

Thank you for your assistance.


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  • Dear, oh dear, this ain't working out. Tried q reset by using a pin-clip, then checked my router, found the Sophos APX 120, went online and deactivated the XGS107 local wireless application. Then, on Sophos Central and used the install wireless registration app by entering the S/N  to ape 120's registration number, multiple times, to no avail. Now I can't replace the S/N number as there's an issue between a Q or a C... and an error message occurred which I didn't manage to catch

  • Sorry to hear that. Are you saying you might've entered the wrong serial number ("Q" instead of "C"), and now Sophos Central won't let you enter a different number to register it? You can register multiple APs with Central so I don't think the wrong serial number should hold things up -- that is, Central might still be waiting for the wrong serial number but you should be able to enter the new one.

    Or is the problem different? Worst case, I think Central times out waiting for your device after 20 minutes or something like that and you'd have to start over anyway. (And by "start over" I mean resetting AP, entering info in Central, etc, the whole thing, not just the last step.)

  • Thanks, Wayne, it looks as if the registration wire is hardwired into the registration box. I'll try again tomorrow.. after which I'll reach out to the helpdesk... again... 

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