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AP100C for home use?

Sorry if i'm double posting, i could have sworn i posted up a thread about this a little while ago, but i can't find it.

I'm about to do an office move, and am taking the change to upgrade, and have bought 8 new APX740's to replace the 3 AP100C's i have in my current space.


could i re-purpose these AP100C's for home use? do they need a paid subscription to the cloud management system?

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  • Hello Andy,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community!

    You would need to get a license for Sophos Central Wireless, if you have never used Sophos Central Wireless you can have a 30-day trial.

    Those are the requirements needed for the AP to contact SCWireless.


    Emmanuel (EmmoSophos)
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  • Thanks for that, I did suspect as much.

    so i'll go back to my re-seller and see how much one of those is, and if i have appetite to stomach what i suspect will be an enterprise level cost - or if i can be cheeky and create a "home zone" for myself under my corporate paid account.

    Otherwise if none of those options are viable, it's a shame, but i'm going to end up with 3, (plus one from a European office when i upgrade those guys), AP100C shaped paperweights! ah well. life is what it is.

  • Or just do a software install of utm9 or xg with home license and manage the APs there.

  • awesome! that's a way forward - many thanks for that, downloading utm9 now Slight smile as XG looked a bit "30day free trial - very expensive after that" - I'll need a bit more time to figure all this out!

    i'll let you know how i get on

    oh, by the way, i did get a quote from my supplier on licensing costs - about $400 per device per year. so yeah, not going to happen with Sophos Central Wireless for my home devices! Laughing

  • Hey All, so i finally had some time to play. Long Story short, it's only gone and worked!

    downloaded Sophos UTM9 "software appliance", installed on a Hyper-V VM. i didn't bother with any funky network config beyond just giving the VM one ethernet NIC onto the virtual switch.

    struggled "discovering" the AP100C WAPs till i enabled the DHCP server in UTM, so the UTM can catch the "magic packets" the WAPs send out to register. i just gave UTM a tiny IP range outside of the scope of the currently active DHCP server, and power cycled the WAPs, and they popped up like a charm.

    decided to disable my current DHCP server off my existing router, and expand the UTM IP range to take that on, and obviously, moved the existing SSID's off the current wifi system into UTM as well. now my router is just acting as a network gateway.

    ok so i'm licensed till 2023 with a free home license. that i can cope with. i'll probably have figured something else out by then. And obviously wifi coverage for a house with a set of these is awesome.

    UTM9 - really easy to use. really happy with my setup at the moment. Thanks again for that one-liner reply RaveNet, Got me setup and sorted. 

  • You are very welcome.

    I do recommend taking another look at xg at a later date.  They do have similar home use license and the product is actively developed, unlike UTM which is winding down. For now you should be fine though.

    xg has some features specific to wifi management over utm, though some require the new apx wifi units.

  • Hi,

    the requirements website in under construction.


    V18.5.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram with 4 ports - 20w. 
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