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Sophos SD-RED 60 and Wi-Fi Expansion Module

I have the Wi-Fi expansion module installed on one of our SD-RED 60 units but I cannot add the device as one of our wireless access points. It does not show up under the list of Pending Access Points but the RED device does show up under Network. We have a couple of other RED 15w devices that are currently set up so I believe all the initial configuration for setting up the access points is correct. Could someone advise? 

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  • The process of adding WiFi AP on a SD-RED 60 is the same as 15w. Therefore I assume you have set this up correctly given you have 15w already configured.

    Can you power down the SD-RED 60 and re-insert the WiFi module, then power back up to see if the module is recognised again. If not I suspect the WiFi module may be faulty and you will need to log a support call to have this replaced.


  • I've inserted the WiFi module into two different SD-RED 60 units. When the devices are powering back up I noticed there's a solid green light for activity on the WiFi module but I still don't see the devices come up as "Pending". I have a couple more of these modules that I can try but I wanted to be sure there was something else in the Sophos management portal that needed to be configured for these SD-RED 60 units to work as access points. 

  • If the AP isnt showing as pending in the other device I am 90% sure that you have a faulty WiFi module.

  • What are the chances we have two bad WiFi modules? I've tried two different ones with the same results. 

  • So... you have to have DHCP configured on an interface on the RED, on VLAN1 (untagged) for it to show up -- the gateway has to point back at the XG or UTM.  It works sort of like any other separate AP in the Sophos ecosystem, the unit acquires an address and tries to reach through the Tunnel.  You will have to have Wifi connection acceptance / detection turned on for the Zone or Interface (RED Interface or Zone) (depending on if you are on XG or UTM) as well.  In some cases I had to add a special DHCP option to make the AP / AP Card "talk" correctly, option 234 (referenced here but you can implement that option on UTM or XG as well).

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