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Use Central Wireless with XG to filter traffic

I'm trialling Central Wireless instead of having each of my sites XG manage the APs there.

I've migrated an AP to Central.  That's all fine.  However, I need to ensure that the the SSIDs that I broadcast (one LAN, one guest and one public access) get the appropriate web filtering etc as they currently do.

Apparently I need to configure XG firewalls to do this, but I don't know where I'm looking to do this with APs that are "managed" by Central.

Anybody done this and can point me in the right direction?



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  • You should implement VLAN Tagging in your concept.

    Then use the AP / APX in Central to bridge into VLAN.

    The VLAN is managed by XG, so the gateway of all VLANs is the XG. Therefore you can configure the proper Security settings based on the VLAN.

    Per SSID you would create an own VLAN. 


  • Thanks for replying.

    For clarity, I'm setting a VLAN for each SSID in Central Wireless, then creating a matching VLAN interface in XG attached to a WiFi Zone?

    I'll then follow that up with a firewall rule for each SSID?

    Thanks again.