• Sophos Wireless Update 2.3 - Firmware (staged release)

    [Update - 7/08/2020]

    All Central regions have been updated with the AP firmware 2.3.0-7 to resolve the issue that caused APX 120 devices to become unresponsive and non-functional. New APX 120s can now be registered. Previously registered APX 120s can now also be upgraded to the latest firmware.

    Customers with unresponsive APX 120 access points should contact support for further assistance.

    KBA 135669 has been updated.

  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.2.1 - Firmware (staged release)


    Sophos Wireless v2.2.1-2 introduces a number of enhancements to improve the hotspot functionality. You can now customize the session time for each device which connects to a hotspot using social login and also configure the maximum device connection limit for voucher-based hotspots. Additionally, there are few bug fixes which will enhance the overall user experience.

    New Feature/Enhancement :

    1. Social Login with…
  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.2 - Firmware (staged release)


    Version 2.2.0-19 is an AP firmware release which provides the support on the access point for some upcoming new features. 

    Please note:The following new features will not be visible in the user interface until the Sophos Central update has been released. This is currently scheduled for December 2019.

    • Social login as an authentication type for captive portals
    • Captive portal customization options

    New Feature…

  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.1.3 (Staged release)


    The v2.1.3-2 release brings a number of bug fixes which help to deliver an overall better Wi-Fi experience.

    Bug Fixes

    Issue Key



    Few client disconnections are observed when Rogue AP is enabled


    Auth DOS Attack: Kernel crash observed on APX320


    Legacy AP models AP100/55 does not support more than 120 clients per radio



  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.1.2 (Staged release)


    The v2.1.2-1 release brings a few bug fixes to deliver a better Wi-Fi experience overall. 

    Bug Fixes :

    Issue Key



    APX eth0 physical mac address changed to virtual mac.


    Hostapd is not getting restarted when it gets killed


    Tx/Rx Workload Calculation Is Showing Wrong Value


    Packet Capture Fails when we have a Guest + NAT SSID


  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.1.1 (Staged release)


    The v2.1.1-2 release brings a number of feature enhancements and bugfixes to deliver a better Wi-Fi experience overall.

    New features/Enhancements :

    1. Workload :

     Now more information on the workload can be seen under Access Points. New information includes the following and can be visible in the UI as shown in PIC-1

    • TX/SEC
    • RX/SEC




  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.1 (Staged release)

    Sophos Wireless Update 2.1 (Staged release) 

    The release v2.1.0-3 brings more visibility to the wireless network with new features such as debugging, accounting, and supportability. It also addresses false alerts and improves wireless client scalability for the Sophos APX Series. 

    New features
    1. Wireless Diagnostics :  Added to the main navigation, which adds the following features:
    • Event logging and reports
    • Collecting logs…
  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.0.0-12 (Staged release)

    Release v2.0.0-12 brings some of the key stability, connectivity and  vulnerability fixes to Central Wireless Access Point

     (Staged release will start from September 27th - Multiple regions)

     Issues fixed in v2.0.0-12

    Issue Key Description CWIFI-9449 5GHz SSID not broadcasting  in APX320 when mesh in enabled CWIFI-9288 Nest Camera unable to re-associate CWIFI-9411 DFS channels list for AU country code should be available…
  • Sophos Wireless Update 2.0 (Staged release)

    Sophos Wireless Update 2.0.0-8 (Staged release will start from July 27th - multiple regions)

    Sophos Wireless provides a simple, effective way to manage and secure your wireless networks. When using our Security Heartbeat™ enabled APX Series access points, you can monitor the health status of any Sophos Central managed endpoint or mobile device and so automatically restrict web access on trusted Wi-Fi networks to prevent…

  • Sophos Wireless Update 1.16.0 (Staged release)

    Sophos Wireless release 1.16 is all about quality, performance improvements, with some feature enhancements.    The latest improvements to Sophos Wireless provide an improved usage experience for administrators. This is a sta...
  • Sophos Wireless Update 1.15.0 (Staged release)

    Sophos Wireless - Central based Wi-Fi solution Quality and Stability improvement release details. (1.15.0)
  • AP firmware update (1.10.1-4)

    We just released a new AP firmware with the following changes:

    CWIFI-7320 - dnsmasq vulnerabilities

    The new firmware will be installed according to the update schedule you have defined.


    What To Do If Your AP Remains Offline

    In some cases, an Access Point may still appear as Offline in Central Admin after it is upgraded. Re-registering the affected AP(s) with the following steps will resolve the issue:

    1. Navigate to My Pr…
  • Sophos Wireless Update (1.12)

    Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. This release does not contain any AP firmware update. The latest version is 1.10.1-3 . It contains the following features and improvements:


    Client list per access point

    The access point details page got extended. On the top you can switch between settings for that specific AP and its client list.

    The access point client list contains the same set of information as…

  • Database issues resulted in AP registration loss for some customers with accounts in Frankfurt



    This night at about midnight UTC, we encountered a database issue. For about 30% of our customers with accounts in Frankfurt, their access points lost their registration in Sophos Central due to this and stopped broadcasting any network. You were affected if you got a notification at about that time stating that your access points are offline. All others not receiving this message weren't affected.


    The issue…

  • AP connection issues resolved completely



    a permanent fix was deployed. Your APs can communicate again. Registration and deletion works as well.


    Kind regards,


    Dirk Bolte

  • Global AP connection problems Feb 18th, 20:00 UTC and Feb 20th, 01:00 UTC



    we encountered connection problems of all APs in all regions between Feb 18th, 20:00 UTC and Feb 20th, 01:00 UTC . The APs were still operational but weren't able to retrieve configuration updates or upload any traffic data. This was caused by an issue during certificate renewal. We have a mitigation in place and are working on a permanent fix. 


    The issue caused APs to be shown as offline. Also, deletion and registration…

  • Sophos Wireless Update (1.10)

    Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. It contains the following improvements & bugfixes:


    New features:

    • CWIFI-4928: Reporting of high retry values in wireless
    • CWIFI-4933: Reporting of slow DNS latency
    • CWIFI-5354: Support for weekly and monthly schedules on hotspots with password authentication

    Improvements & bugfixes:

    • CWIFI-5540: more details on Neighbourhood SSIDs
    • CWIFI-3410: corrected dashboard…
  • AP firmware update (1.9.1)

    We released a new AP firmware for Sophos Wireless with the following changes:

    • CWIFI-5220: fix for failing MESH setup
    • CWIFI-5608: fixed issue that required AP reboot when disabling hotspot for a SSID
    • CWIFI-5735: fixed issue for failing hotspot authentications in rare circumstances
    • CWIFI-5758: fixed issue preventing large number (>40) of clients to connect successfully to one band
    • CWIFI-5814: fixed ethernet instabilities…
  • Sophos Wireless Update (1.9.0)

    Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. It contains some very significant wireless stability improvements that I want to highlight explicitly. It contains fixes for various symptoms like:


    • clients not roaming although another AP is in reach
    • Enterprise authentication not working anymore
    • packet losses or spurious disconnects
    • AP service outage (caused by various crashes)
    • AP registration of fresh/UTM AP failing…
  • Hotspot captive portal issue during next Sophos Wireless release

    We're about to release the next version of Sophos Wireless. A changelog will be posted once everything is done. 


    Unfortunately, the release will shortly impact the hotspot captive portal. It will still be fully functional but it will miss colours, text formatting and images. Once the release is completed, the portal will be ok again.


  • AP Firmware update (1.8.1)

    We released a new AP firmware for Sophos Wireless with the following changes:

    • CWIFI-4979: Fixed bug that cause a SSID with enterprise auth to be open on wrong configuration
    • CWIFI-5358: Added recovery for AP daemon crashes that affected authentication and roaming
    • CWIFI-5715: corrected issue that caused APs to loose their registration 
    • various debug improvements

    The new firmware will be installed according to the update…

  • Sophos Wireless Update (1.8.0)

    We just released a new version of Sophos Wireless, containing the following changes:


    New features:

    • CWIFI-4546: Hotspot vouchers with time limits (requires AP firmware update)
    • CWIFI-4814: Band steering (requires AP firmware update)


    Improvements & bugfixes:

    • CWIFI-3184: Re-integrating multicast-to-unicast conversion
    • CWIFI-4545: Fix issue that prevents network configurations from being applied correctly
    • CWIFI-5119…
  • AP Firmware update (1.7.3)

    Today we released a new AP firmware for Sophos Wireless with the following changes:

    • CWIFI-5320: improved AP recovery in crash scenarios
    • CWIFI-5340: fix for generi AP crashes
    • CWIFI-5340: fix for AP crash when fast roaming is enabled
    • CWIFI-5369: fix for slow performance degradation
    • various debug improvements

    The new firmware will be installed according to the update schedule you have defined.

  • AP firmware update (1.7.2)

    We just released a new AP firmware with the following changes:

    • CWIFI-5217: improve traffic prioritisation especially for VoIP traffic
    • CWIFI-5008: fix issue that may cause packet drops or crashes in some scenarios
    • CWIFI-5107: fix VLAN handling for dynamic VLAN when there was another VLAN configured with the same ID
    • CWIFI-5222: prevent network (re-)configuration from affecting other running networks
    • CWIFI-5276: corrected…
  • Sophos Wireless Update (1.7.0)

    Today we released a new version to Sophos Central, containing the following changes:


    New features:

    • CWIFI-4238: Guest Network
    • CWIFI-3528: Airtime Fairness
    • CWIFI-4392: Hotspot daily password

    Improvements & bugfixes:

    • CWIFI-5110: support of latest AP batches
    • CWIFI-4468: addressed issues that stops AP communicating with Sophos Central
    • CWIFI-4585: corrected error reporting for AP configuration issues
    • CWIFI-4713: corrected…