Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. It contains the following improvements & bugfixes:


New features:

  • CWIFI-4928: Reporting of high retry values in wireless
  • CWIFI-4933: Reporting of slow DNS latency
  • CWIFI-5354: Support for weekly and monthly schedules on hotspots with password authentication

Improvements & bugfixes:

  • CWIFI-5540: more details on Neighbourhood SSIDs
  • CWIFI-3410: corrected dashboard display for new customers
  • CWIFI-4488: fix AP selection on search results in various widgets
  • CWIFI-5031: fix some false-positives on rogue AP detection
  • CWIFI-5212: handle uppercase email addresses for hotspot better
  • CWIFI-5235: prevent SSID password autofill in various situations
  • CWIFI-5341: improved hotspot voucher PDF
  • CWIFI-5814: more stability improvements for 10/100 MBit connections
  • CWIFI-5851: corrected display of AP channels
  • CWIFI-5866,CWIFI-5882: corrected AP configuration revision handling
  • CWIFI-5919: corrected table display in firefox
  • CWIFI-5928: corrected MAC address handling on certain AP100C batches
  • CWIFI-5988: fix issue that prevents APs to be added to a floorplan
  • CWIFI-6030: allow 7 SSIDs on Mesh
  • various small UI and debug improvements


The new AP firmware is installed according to the update schedule you've defined or when triggered explicitly on the "Settings" page.