We just released a new version of Sophos Wireless, containing the following changes:


New features:

  • CWIFI-4546: Hotspot vouchers with time limits (requires AP firmware update)
  • CWIFI-4814: Band steering (requires AP firmware update)


Improvements & bugfixes:

  • CWIFI-3184: Re-integrating multicast-to-unicast conversion
  • CWIFI-4545: Fix issue that prevents network configurations from being applied correctly
  • CWIFI-5119: Fix issue that may cause initial AP registration to fail
  • CWIFI-5134: Prevent AP to loose its registration in some scenarios
  • CWIFI-5159: correct LED error indication
  • CWIFI-5215: correct mail display for Hotspot daily password
  • CWIFI-5234: correct band selection in onboarding wizard
  • CWIFI-5236: correct neighborhood SSID display
  • CWIFI-5332: prevented faulty AP recovery trigger


The new AP firmware is installed according to the update schedule you've defined or when triggered explicitly on the "Settings" page.