Sophos Wireless release 1.16 is all about quality, performance improvements, with some feature enhancements. 


The latest improvements to Sophos Wireless provide an improved usage experience for administrators. This is a staged release and the rollout is planned to complete over the next four weeks. 

This release allows an IT manager to search clients (i.e. a specific MAC address, client name etc.), Guest-NAT support over VLAN and provides some configuration flexibility around the Hotspot feature. We have seen performance enhancements in standard small to medium-sized wireless deployments. The impact will be reflected in the client throughput (uplink/downlink) speeds and this should lead to an overall positive experience with wireless connectivity improved in general.

There were several critical issues fixed in this particular version.  

Issue key   Summary

CWIFI-8325 Clients are not getting IP address once dnsmasq comes after manually killing the process

CWIFI-8241 Crash observed on the AP during zoom test 

CWIFI-7579 Last configured voucher is not displayed properly in UI.

CWIFI-7577 While navigating to Access point page,"You do not have any AP added" message seen on UI.

CWIFI-7490 Guest-nat + VLAN doesn't work when main network is with subnet

CWIFI-7406 Central wireless users not able to access internet intermittently (dnsTimeout)

CWIFI-7335 The upper limit in the line graph is not shown properly

CWIFI-7331 OOM occurs in AP

CWIFI-7329 Guest Network in NAT mode with VLAN SSID does not work

CWIFI-7303 Cloud AP are rebooting with 'Out of Memory' (Kernel Panic)

CWIFI-7299 Incorrect/missing Vendor ID in Wireless Client List

CWIFI-7266 Ip address of client does not update with guest network bridge mode and static vlan

CWIFI-7259 High retry alerts sometimes doesn’t come and sometime comes as unrealistic numbers

CWIFI-7140 iPhone 7: Roaming issue between APs

CWIFI-7139 Negative values are coming in traffic categorizations graph.  

CWIFI-7097 After a period of time, the daily codes stop working, until you reboot the AP55s

CWIFI-7038 Genereated voucher codes sometimes are failing with blank field

CWIFI-6928 default vlan not cleared until we deselect and select ssid

CWIFI-6872 Band Steering in conflict with MAC filtering

CWIFI-6868 AP: Check if affected and fix CVE-2017-5972 kernel vulnerability

CWIFI-6545 Frequent cloud client crashes when AP does high traffic

CWIFI-6080 AP blocks traffic of hotspot clients if another hotspot network is disabled

CWIFI-5858 Guest network with NAT over static VLAN works only after a Reboot

CWIFI-5086 Hotspot is not working with bridge to VLAN




Client search :

The client search feature allows the administrator to quickly filter devices based on hostname, physical address, IP address or by vendor name.

This feature helps administrators to narrow down and troubleshoot issues reported.

Guest-NAT support over VLAN:

Guest Network Address Translation over VLAN allows administrators to masquerade a private network and segment traffic from the Guest network over a separate VLAN

thereby separating the control plane and data plane traffic.


Hotspot support over VLAN:
Hotspot over VLAN allows administrators to configure an additional layer of captive portal authentication for Guest user WLANs or Corporate WLAN.

              This feature was only supported in native VLAN until v1.15.