Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. It contains some very significant wireless stability improvements that I want to highlight explicitly. It contains fixes for various symptoms like:


  • clients not roaming although another AP is in reach
  • Enterprise authentication not working anymore
  • packet losses or spurious disconnects
  • AP service outage (caused by various crashes)
  • AP registration of fresh/UTM AP failing on first try


In detail it contains the following improvements & bugfixes:

  • option to unhide and copy SSID password
  • CWIFI-4115: correct access point display issue in certain cross-site navigations
  • CWIFI-4979: limit Radius server to IPv4 addresses
  • CWIFI-5085: fix configuration issue with 802.11r and hotspot
  • CWIFI-5247: small daily password mail improvement
  • CWIFI-5285: fix error handling for malicious radius server configuration
  • CWIFI-5299: fix configuration for mesh
  • CWIFI-5359: fix spurious crash and resulting dysfunctional AP when having fast roaming enabled
  • CWIFI-5360: correct handling of malicious hotspot voucher definition
  • CWIFI-5380: correct independent SSID configuration
  • CWIFI-5393: correct hotspot voucher display for hotspots with enterprise authentication
  • CWIFI-5417: fix spurious failures on hotspot voucher download
  • CWIFI-5436: fix broadcast handling with dynamic VLAN
  • CWIFI-5602: removed false warning when leaving page with dynamic VLAN enabled
  • CWIFI-5612: corrected naming for SSID classification
  • CWIFI-5682: corrected AP recovery on missing IPv4 address
  • CWIFI-5730: prevent AP crash in certain configuration scenarios
  • CWIFI-5749: fixed AP memory leak when using hotspot vouchers
  • CWIFI-5752: fix hotspot voucher display issue
  • CWIFI-5756: fix various smaller AP memory leaks
  • CWIFI-5763: prevent malicious 802.11r roaming secret regeneration
  • CWIFI-5788, CWIFI-5795: corrected AP registration for new APs or ones being connected to a UTM before
  • CWIFI-5805: fix issue that causes too frequent AP communication to Sophos Central
  • CWIFI-5709: improved remote debugging functionalities
  • CWIFI-5314: Hotspot Voucher layout improvements
  • CWIFI-5768: support for latest AP15 batches
  • CWIFI-5857: make rogue AP scan configurable
  • CWIFI-5764: corrected country IE for beacons on 5 Ghz
  • CWIFI-5813: fix packet handling with VLAN and 802.1p priorities being set
  • CWIFI-5146, CWIFI-5264: fix various kernel crashes
  • CWIFI-4951, CWIFI-5218: fix various minor non-harmful AP configuration inconsistencies


The hotspot issue mentioned in this blog post will be fixed today.

The new AP firmware is installed according to the update schedule you've defined or when triggered explicitly on the "Settings" page.